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Making the Game Fun!

One of our core values as a developing baseball organization is that the game should always be fun!  It’s a game after all!  It baffles me that youth league coaches can get so rapped  up in their desire to win, that the kids can actually lose the fun of the game.  The best way to help young players excel in baseball (or anything else for that matter) is to help them grow to love the game and love excelling at the game.  “The Coach”, Bruce Lambin puts it this way:


“What motivates players to excel?  In some instances they are playing to please Dad….but in the long run, playing to just please Dad’s expectations will seldom provide sufficient drive to truly excel and resentment may be the final result.   Then there are the immediate goals such as making the All Star team, making the HS team, varsity, getting a college scholarship or signing pro. These are often fueled by delusions and if not attained can result in reactions of failure and hostility towards the game.  [Because, in large part, this is out of their control]

So what is the answer? What should motivate a player to excel? He must want to strive to be the best that he can be because he loves playing the game and because he will enjoy the game more by playing better….

Motivation to have more success/fun plus perspiration from working to be the best that he can be, he can control. Tomorrow he will get to play another game, prepared for more success/fun.

by: Bruce Lambin (THE COACH : www.tipsfromthecoach.com)


One of our goals as an organization is to help your son learn the game of baseball and learn to love the game.  You can play a big part in that simply by playing catch, going to a high school, college game or pro game and creating experiences that instill a love of the game.  And, if they find they love something other than baseball…then go do that.  Teach them to do what they love and do it to the best of their ability!  As parents, we need to help our kids discover the passion that their creator put in them for whatever they do.  In the process, we can build healthy relationship with them and help them grow into healthy adults, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

See you on the field!

Ray Hughes

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